Emma’s Story: “I’ve come a long way.”

Emma* is a 64-year-old living in the Hudson Valley who struggles with multiple chronic conditions –  including a thyroid disorder, diabetes, anemia, obesity, chronic bronchitis, and anxiety. When she first started working with Care Management Partners of Ulster County, Emma had difficulty keeping her doctors’ appointments and taking her medications.

Emma’s care manager worked with her to develop goals and strategies, which included putting her appointments in a calendar and communicating regularly with her daughter, who would help remind her of them. With this extra support from her care manager and family, she was finally able to get services she needed, including a colonoscopy, a mammogram and a diabetic eye exam.  She also learned how to arrange for medical transportation, started taking her medications at a specific time each day, and worked with a nonprofit that helped her move into a new apartment. Emma’s care manager also helped her access home health services, and encouraged her to not be afraid to ask her family and friends for help when she needed it.

By the time Emma completed the program, she had developed a new attitude about her health. She now hardly ever misses appointments, and her health has significantly improved. For example, while she previously needed to use oxygen for 24 hours a day, she currently only uses it as needed. She has also become a strong advocate for herself. “I think of everything I’ve accomplished,” says Emma, “and I have come a long way.”


*Name has been changed to protect our client’s privacy.